Contests 2018

Each year we run a number of contests for attendees to enter. Many of these require attendees to prepare their entry before the event and bring it with them to be entered and judged at UK PonyCon.

We've also got some important information at the bottom of this page, which explains the intention of the competitions and the terms of entry.


Each attendee can prepare a custom pony of any generation for one or more of the competitions below:


Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to draw or paint, or create a collage, a piece to wow us. This can be either to the theme or any subject/idea you like. There are two categories:

Artwork must be no bigger than A3, ideally around the A4 size. It can be made in any medium, however digital art must be printed (unfortunately we can't print your art at the event to enter into the competitions).

Pony crafts

Pony crafts (including pony scenes) is an open category for creative entries that aren't either classified in the art or custom competitions. What to make something crafty and special different to show off? This is the contest for you.

We also include pony scenes in this category. Whats a pony scene? Well, it's a small diorama with either custom or regular ponies being shown off in a homemade or customised scene.

Entries should be no bigger than around 30cm in all dimensions – if you're thinking about making something bigger, please contact us first to discuss whether it is appropriate for the competition.

Destroy a Fakie

With fakies everywhere, we challenge you to creatively "destroy" a fakie pony in any the most creative manner possible. Please note that this is a custom competition, so we are looking for creative custom ponies and scenes with a macabre sense of humour. Comic violence is acceptable but remember that this is a family friendly convention so nothing too extreme.

What's a fakie? A fakie is a "fake" or "copy cat" version of a real My Little Pony figure. Good places to find them are pound shops and toy stores.


What would UK PonyCon be without cosplays? Well, a lot less colourful that's for sure. We run the following cosplay competitions:

All cosplay entries must abide by our cosplay rules

Best decorated stall

One for our stallholders, the winner is the most extravagant, amazing stall in the eyes of our judges. It's not all about what you're selling - the presentation counts just as much.

Important information

All contests are meant to be fun and are not professional competitions. UK PonyCon's decision on the judging, including the appointment of judges, the choice of criteria and the number of prizes awarded for each category, is final.

Where there is a choice between children's and adult's classes for a competition, children are allowed to choose which class they wish to be considered for. However, if a child enters multiple competitions, all entries must be in the same class. For example, if they enter the cosplay competition as a child and also the artwork competition, the artwork must be judged in the children's class.

Please also note that all entries are left with UK PonyCon at the owner's risk. We aim to return the entries should you wish to have them however UK PonyCon take no responsibly for any items left for competitions. Additionally, any entries not picked up at the end of the convention may be disposed of, or if kept will only be returned to owner upon payment of postage costs.