Introducing the UK PonyCon 2020 Committee

We’re pleased to introduce the UK PonyCon 2020 Committee, who will be planning your next UK PonyCon.

  • Chair: Maz
  • Vice-Chair and Arts and Design Lead: Sparkler
  • Treasurer: Jez
  • Stalls and Merchandise Lead and Volunteering Co-Lead: Metaphor
  • Events Lead and Volunteering Co-Lead: Midnight Dynasty
  • Events Assistants:
    • Amlaur
    • Bubblestar
    • Elise
    • Irish O’Conner
    • Sarahthrel
    • Vikki

You can get to know more about them on the Meet the Committee page of the website.

At this time we’re saying goodbye to Guiding Breeze, who has officially served as treasurer for the past three years, however unofficially has worn many other hats including accessibility lead, merchandise lead, social media assistant, stalls lead, ticket sales lead and website assistant. We’re very grateful for all of her contributions over the years and wish her the best of luck for her future endeavours with all of the spare time she’s getting back!

Finally, we’re recruiting for a Marketing Lead and several Events Assistant positions – find out more about the roles and how to apply on the volunteering page.