Your invitation to Britannia’s Birthday Bash

An image of the UK PonyCon mascot Britannia holding an invite to her birthday party.
Britannia has something special for you…

Mark your calendars for Saturday 13th June! You are invited! To what you may ask? Only Britannia’s Birthday Bash! All accessible from the comfort of your own home!

Lockdown and social distancing has affected us all so we want to bring the community together with hosting a full day of fun video streams with various panels and maybe even some music! There will also be access to a marketplace too! Both panel and stallholders applications will be coming soon! We also want to help all our friends at the RDA and will also have a charitable effort running alongside too. If all goes well then we hope to be able to do more events like this later on, so hopefully you are still able to get some sort of PonyCon fix in 2020!

Britannia will be so excited to see you! Watch this space, more information will be coming soon!

Thank you to VederlichtArt on Instagram for the art.