Beach Party

Grab your plushies, don a flower garland and get ready to dance! UK PonyCon is excited to invite you to this years “Beach Party!”

Due to the success of last years “Crystal Ball” we are very excited to announce that this year our live music evening will be returning with our “Beach Party”! Read all about our amazing musicians down below.

The Beach Party takes place on the main stage of UK PonyCon on the evening of Saturday 12th October 2019.

This event is included in all Weekend and Saturday tickets but Saturday Evening tickets can also be purchased for £8! For all your ticket needs please visit our ticket page.

Set Times

Who's on and when? Find out below.

Please note times are subject to last minute changes.

About the Musicians

Check out all of the fabulous musicians performing at this year's music event below. Performance times will be confirmed nearer the time of the event.

Steely Hooves

Steely Hooves avatar picture

Steely Hooves is due to return to UK PonyCon's music event for the third year running. Currently a third year music production student, Steely Hooves has had a passion for music as long as she can remember. Steely has been mixing music and a love of all things pony for the last five years and has performed at numerous cons in the UK and Europe both as a solo artist and as a member of the pony rock group 'Coltastrophe'. Steely also puts her talents to good use creating psychedelic dance music and producing audio for businesses such as Teamwear Ireland and Northridge Finance. Steely can be found on Twitter and YouTube @steelyhooves.

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Steely Hooves performs on Saturday at 19:00 on the Mane Stage.


Photo of RE:MAKE

RE:MAKE are a Surrey-based rock / pop-punk band, who are heavily inspired by Jrock. Previously known as AcousticBrony, they have brought their own style of rock to the fandom through their popular 'Elements' series, which started with their most popular song 'Loyalty'. Since then, they have released two albums with songs inspired by games and anime and are now currently working on their third.

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RE:MAKE perform on Saturday at 20:00 on the Mane Stage.


Photo of PrinceWhateverer performing at Neighhem

We’re extremely pleased to announce the another act at this year’s Beach Party: PrinceWhateverer. Fresh back from performing in Baltimore, here’s what he had to say about himself:

Hey! I'm PrinceWhateverer, a musician from down on the south-east coast, I live in a small seaside town and spends most of my time working on music and other projects for the MLP fandom!

Most people know me for songs like Frailty and Destabilize, though recently I've started dabbling in comic dubs and animation!

If you like the louder, more aggressive kinds of music, consider giving me a listen! >;D

Photo of PrinceWhateverer performing at Neighhem in Baltimore on 4th August this year by canterlock.

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PrinceWhateverer performs on Saturday at 21:00 on the Mane Stage.


BassPon3 photo

He has more rhythm than Sebastian with maracas, so we are pleased to give up the stage for BASSPON3.

Back for a second round, BassPon3 is bringing the bass. Though relatively unknown, he is a staple of A State of Sugar's albums with his energetic, pony-influenced sound with tracks such as 'Memories' and 'Celestial Rebirth'. BP3 is also notable for his tracks 'Sleepless in Equestria', 'Chasing Rainbows' and his recent remix of 'Eurodancer' that was featured on T6 Radio

On top of ponies, he is also a massive movie, video game and kaiju geek. This Beach Party is hotting up so much we are breaking out the sunscreen! And we STILL have more to announce so keep those eyes set on the horizon and watch this space.

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BassPon3 performs on Saturday at 22:00 on the Mane Stage.