UK PonyCONLINE: Britannia’s Birthday Bash on 10th and 11th October 2020

Britannia was so disappointed that she didn’t get the chance to share her spooky stories with you at UK PonyCon – but do not fear! After the huge success of our first online event, We are happy to announce that we are hosting a two day ‘Spooky Sleepover’. This will be hosted on our existing UK PonyCONLINE platforms. It will run over TWO days, namely the 10th and 11th of October 2020. We are keeping the spooky theme! Mark your calendars – something spooky is coming! Get set for more information coming very soon. We cannot wait!

Accepting donations for charity auction at UK PonyCONLINE

We love supporting the wonderful RDA in all their amazing work they do and what better way to do that than have a charity auction! We are currently asking for donations of items for us to include! 

We’ll be holding the charity auction using eBay’s eBay For Charity programme, with the full sale value going directly to the RDA. This can be a good way to increase the value of a donation compared to if you donated the equivalent monetary amount directly to charity. We’re looking for any items that may interest our attendees and are very grateful for all donations! 

All donated items must be consistent with our moderation policy of family friendly.

We’ll aim for the auctions to finish in mid-afternoon to maximise participation, using eBay’s 1-day and 3-day auction listings and auction start time scheduling as appropriate to achieve this.

We offer two options for this:

  • UK PonyCon lists the item on eBay with the product opted in to the eBay for Charity programme at 100% to the RDA. UK PonyCon fulfils the order. You ship the item to UK PonyCon to be received by Thursday 11th June at your own expense. UK PonyCon ships it to the customer. Items received after this date will be listed for sale but may not be featured during the online event and may raise less money for charity.
  • You list the item on eBay with the product opted in to the eBay for Charity programme at 100% to the RDA. You fulfil the order. You ship the item directly to the customer. You can set geographic restrictions if you only want to ship to certain regions.

Please contact us at ideally by Tuesday 9th June if you are interested in donating an item, with a brief description of the item and your preferred option for selling the item. We’ll reply with further instructions.

We really appreciate all your generosity <3

More about UK PonyCONLINE – Britannia’s Birthday Bash

We’ve had a few questions about the online event so put together this handy guide with plenty of info for you all!

When is it?

  • Saturday 13th June 2020, from 11am to 11pm (UK times, UTC+0100)

Who’s welcome?

  • We’ll have events and stalls suitable for bronies, collectors and families alike

What’s the theme?

  • Britannia’s Birthday Bash – come together to celebrate Britannia’s birthday

How will it work?

  • You can access this online event from the comfort of your own home! We will be using Twitch to provide our video streaming, which will be integrated into our new website, currently under construction! This should mean that you are able to easily navigate around the streams.
  • For the socials we will still be using our Facebook group, but we have a new dedicated Twitter @UKPonyCONLINE as to not spam our current Twitter with announcements! The main socials where people can really connect and talk to each other will be on our Discord server, including both text and voice chats! The Discord server will also have dedicated spaces for Q & A so you are able to interact with panellists as you could do at a convention! With a Discord sever we will need help moderating so keep your eye out for moderator applications.
  • Stallholders will each have their own channel on Discord where they can set up a virtual “stall” to show off their amazing wares and provide links to buy! They will also feature on our website as well. We’ll provide information to help you make the most these features. We will open up applications shortly!
  • We really want to help raise money for the Riding for the Disabled Association, who are fundraising for the Covid-19 emergency appeal. We will set up our own fundraiser on Just Giving and it would be amazing if we could smash the target we set.

How much does it cost to attend?

  • Absolutely nothing, the entire hosted content of Britannia’s Birthday Bash is free to watch!

Will there be merch available?

  • OHHHHH YES! As well as our awesome stall holders we are also working on Britannia’s Birthday Bash merchandise too! Just watch this space!

How old do I have to be to attend?

  • All our content before 7pm (UK time, UTC+0100) will be family friendly and you will be able to see what is and is not by using the family friendly filter on the timetable. After 7pm we’ll maintain a moderation rating equivalent to the UK’s BBFC 12 rating or USA’s MPAA PG-13 rating.
  • The terms and conditions of Discord require the user to be 13 or over to use it, however video streams can be watched without a Discord account

When will applications open for stalls and panellists?

  • Keep an eye out on our social media as they will come out quick and fast!

Any other questions please feel free to email Bexi at

We look forward to seeing you at Britannia’s Birthday Bash!

Your invitation to Britannia’s Birthday Bash

An image of the UK PonyCon mascot Britannia holding an invite to her birthday party.
Britannia has something special for you…

Mark your calendars for Saturday 13th June! You are invited! To what you may ask? Only Britannia’s Birthday Bash! All accessible from the comfort of your own home!

Lockdown and social distancing has affected us all so we want to bring the community together with hosting a full day of fun video streams with various panels and maybe even some music! There will also be access to a marketplace too! Both panel and stallholders applications will be coming soon! We also want to help all our friends at the RDA and will also have a charitable effort running alongside too. If all goes well then we hope to be able to do more events like this later on, so hopefully you are still able to get some sort of PonyCon fix in 2020!

Britannia will be so excited to see you! Watch this space, more information will be coming soon!

Thank you to VederlichtArt on Instagram for the art.

Announcing postponement of UK PonyCon 2020

Dear all,

The UK PonyCon Committee have made the difficult decision to postpone UK PonyCon 2020 from the original dates of Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th October 2020 to new dates of Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th May 2021. We will be staying at Nottingham Trent University in the heart of Nottingham city centre.

UK PonyCon prides itself on being a welcoming, friendly, safe and fun event for all attendees. At this time, we find it difficult to imagine holding an event in person this October that maintains all of these qualities due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We’re pleased to say that Kelly Sheridan, voice of Starlight Glimmer, Sassy Saddles, Misty Fly and others in MLP has agreed to join us on our new dates.

With the new dates comes the need for a new theme. We’ll share more on this in due course.

For those early-birds who have already booked their hotel rooms, both Premier Inn and Best Western offer flexible rebooking terms to amend reservations, even on rates where changes are not normally permitted. Bookings at Premier Inn can be amended online, while bookings for Best Western can be amended by contacting the hotel directly. We recommend those with reservations to amend them as soon as possible as these generous rebooking terms may change.

We thank all of you for your continued support and look forward to welcoming you to UK PonyCon on 8th and 9th May 2021.

Kind regards,

UK PonyCon 2020

UK PonyCon 2020

Sharing RDA’s emergency fund appeal

We hope everyone is well, keeping safe and staying home wherever possible. Our friends over at the Riding for the Disabled Association have asked us to raise awareness of their fundraising appeal, to help their groups remain available for the disabled children and adults that they support.

COVID-19 has resulted in all of RDA’s 500 groups having to close. For many, this means the loss of their vital weekly income, which supports the care of horses and other vital day-to-day expenses. Around the UK, over 4000 horses and ponies are affected, still needing food and care.

Please donate what you can to

UK PonyCon 2020 and Covid-19

Notice: UK PonyCon 2020 has now been postponed to 8th and 9th May 2021 due to the impact of Covid-19. You can read our full announcement. This post has been left up for posterity and transparency, however it is no longer accurate.

Dear all,

We have received a number of enquiries from concerned attendees asking whether UK PonyCon 2020 will take place. For this reason, we are writing this statement to provide clarity on our plans for this year.

To start with, we want to confirm that we intend to hold UK PonyCon 2020 as previously advertised on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th October 2020 at Nottingham Trent University.

The health of all those who attend our event is very important to us, and like other event organisers, we are constantly monitoring the situation and considering how it may affect UK PonyCon. We will follow recommendations and orders made by the authorities to the best of our ability.

The UK’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer stated on 29th March that social distancing measures may be in place for three to six months. Like many, we are hopeful that normal life can resume sooner rather than later, however we recognise the importance of these measures and do not wish to undermine their efforts. Depending on the public health advice in place in October, you may notice some changes at our event to continue to support these efforts.

There is significant uncertainty in the predictions of the duration of the disruption, and for this reason, we will continue to monitor the situation. Should our plans change we will publish updated information across our website and social media.

While the public’s focus is rightly on the impact and response to Covid-19 at this challenging time, we will be changing some aspects of the planning of our event. This includes launching ticket sales later than usual and offering more flexible payment terms to stallholders.

We hope everyone stays healthy and follows the guidance from their local authorities in fighting this virus.

Kind regards,

UK PonyCon 2020

UK PonyCon 2020