Hearth’s Warming competition now open!

A Britannia the Sea Pony plushie sitting in a Christmas tree.
Britannia at Hearth’s Warming

Grab your paint brushes, steady your camera, or get ready to write! Our Hearth’s Warming Competition is starting again!

Britannia has been busy putting up her tree with her friends and now she needs your help spreading festive cheer!

To help her do this we would like you to create a creative piece Using the prompt “Britannia spreading Hearth’s Warming cheer!”. This can be done by one of three different ways!

  • Artwork (two categories: children up to the age of 12, and adults)
  • Photography
  • Writing a short fan fiction, drabble or poem (no more than 500 words)

This will be a “just for fun” competition, but each entry will be highlighted on our social media. We will endeavour to include the winners from each category will also be in our UK PonyCon 2020 con book, space permitting.

Please email your entries to Bexi at events@ukponycon.co.uk along with the name which you would like published with your piece, what category you are entering, and if you have a art, gallery or social media link to include in the description.

Entries open from today through to the 14th of December with the winners announced shortly after!

Britannia is so excited to see how creative everyone is!

UK PonyCon 2019 Charity Total and Auction Items

We are very pleased to announce that thanks to the wonderful generosity of everyone at UK PonyCon 2019, we are able to make a total donation of £11,000 to the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA)!

The Grand Charity Auction raised a record £5,834! To this we add in the donation element from our VIP/Supporter tickets, the monies from the tombola and things in a jar, HQG1C sales and, as we are a not-for-profit event, we have rounded the amount up to this UK PonyCon record figure. Thank you to everyone who helped raise this amazing amount!

Below is a complete listing of all the auction items, a staggering 79 donations this year!

  1. We Love Fine Rarity Chibi with custom props – Donated by J D & Micro
  2. We Love Fine DJ Pon3 Chibi with custom props – Donated by J D & Micro
  3. We Love Fine Twilight Sparkle Chibi with custom props – Donated by J D & Micro
  4. We Love Fine Flutterbat Chibi with custom props – Donated by J D & Micro
  5. We Love Fine Derpy Chibi with custom props – Donated by J D & Micro
  6. We Love Fine Chrysalis Chibi with custom props – Donated by J D & Micro
  7. We Love Fine Discord and Flutterfly Chibi with custom props – Donated by J D & Micro
  8. We Love Fine Pinkie Pie Chibi with custom props – Donated by J D & Micro
  9. We Love Fine Derpy in a bell jar – Donated by J D & Micro
  10. 2012 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Derpy – Donated by J D the fox
  11. Guardians of Harmony Celestia & Nightmare Moon – Donated by Streamline and anonymous
  12. Signed MLP Seapony Funko Pops – Donated by Guiding Breeze
  13. Thirteenth Dr Pony Artwork – Donated by Natalie Sharp
  14. “The Princesses” two necklace set – Donated by Guiding Breeze
  15. Pirate Brit Knitted pony – Donated by Knitted Stable
  16. Original UK PonyCon Britannia artwork – Donated by Sparkler
  17. My Little Pony the Movie – Sparkly Poster
  18. My Little Pony the Movie – Stand and poster – Donated by Kieran O’Donovan
  19. MLP G4 Toys and books – Donated by Silver Gunner
  20. Aquatic Shadow King Sombra Canvas – Donated by Chaos Mauser
  21. Original My Little Pony Generation 1 show sketch – Donated by Bexi
  22. Original My Little Pony Generation 1 show sketch – Donated by Bexi
  23. Seapony Britannia Print – Donated by JD Studios
  24. Rare Pony Mania Maud Rock Pie Figure – Donated by Sophie Rolf
  25. “where is the mint” artwork – Donated by Stew-art
  26. MLP Comic #2 with original art – Donated by Guiding Breeze
  27. Set of eight signed MLP Trading Cards – Donated by Guiding Breeze
  28. MLP Pin Collection – Donated by  Studio BMFC
  29. Iron Fist My Little Pony Dress (Size Small) – Donated by BubbleStar
  30. Mane 6 cake shenanigans artwork – Donated by Beamy
  31. “Untitled Pony Game” sign – Donated by StormBlaze
  32. Britannia resin globe with microlights – Donated by Librase
  33. 2019 Griffish Isles VIP pack – Donated by Librase
  34. Signed “Bronies” Blu-Ray and DVD – Donated by anonymous
  35. Signed M.A. Larson Print – Donated by Ocean Whirlpool
  36. HQG1C Britannia with custom light up base – Donated by pinkkittywinks – shadowonthemoon
  37. IDW Comic collection (105 comics) – Donated by a kind anonymous person
  38. Extra Large Fursuit Bandana – Donated by FishPish Studios
  39. Trixie Dragon Costume Head – Donated by Shannon
  40. Crystal Pony Custom – Donated by RainbowWings
  41. “Wish you were (t)here” Bronycon 2019 – Donated by Luna’s Auditor
  42. “Persombra” Artwork – Donated by Chaos Mauser
  43. Colouring Book and Markers – Donated by Paintkitty Stall
  44. Box of handmade jewellery – Donated by Jeanies Gems
  45. Where in Equestria is Rarity Belle? artwork – Donated by RapidSnap
  46. Discord Guardians of Harmony & two EqG – Donated by Maple leaf
  47. Acrylic Painting and signed greeting cards – Donated by Caz
  48. Fold over handbag – Donated by Sockjens/Ponebooth
  49. BronyCon 2018 Pack – Donated by our friends at bronycon
  50. Baby Item Bundle – Donated by Knitted Stable
  51. Season 2 Promo Posters – Donated by Nathan & Elise
  52. Last Bronycon Badges – Donated by Mad Munchkin
  53. Firefly G1 art print – Donated by Mad Munchkin
  54. “My Pretty Pony” print signed by Bonnie Zachere – Donated by Mad Munchkin
  55. MLP Movie inspired Seapony Banner – Donated by Stew-art
  56. Britannia Seapony Banner – Donated by Shiba Roll
  57. Griffish Isles Flag – Donated by our friends at the Griffish Isles convention
  58. Tails of Equestria Starter Set – Donated by RiverHorse
  59. McDonald Bag Mask – Donated by James
  60. Bidding Madness Comic – Donated by RapidSnap
  61. Gummy Cross-stitch – Donated by Vikki
  62. Rainbow Dash Cross-stitch – Donated by Vikki
  63. Pinkie Pie Cross-stitch – Donated by Vikki
  64. Derpy Cross-stitch – Donated by Vikki
  65. Rarity Cross-stitch – Donated by Vikki
  66. Britannia Original Art – Donated by SweetPea and Friends
  67. Rainbow Dash Titanium Necklace – Donated by My Little Ties
  68. MLP Movie Posters – Donated by Brian Random VA / Random Select
  69. Bronycon 2019 Exclusive Prints – Donated by Mad Munchkin
  70. Hand Drawn Chrysalis Drawing – Donated by Greenfly
  71. MLP Promenade Framed Print – Donated by Milse Culligan
  72. UK PonyCon Banner – Donated by UK PonyCon
  73. UK PonyCon Banner – Donated by UK PonyCon
  74. UK PonyCon Banner – Donated by UK PonyCon
  75. Seapony Wooden Stand – Donated by BubbleStar
  76. Seapony Wooden Stand – Donated by BubbleStar
  77. Stranger Things Applejack – Donated by Bexi
  78. PrinceWhatever Poster – Donated by PrinceWhatever