The Team for 2019

UK PonyCon is run by volunteers. Get to know us through our bios below.

Convention Organising Team

Maz - Chairperson

After a year at the helm, Maz is excited to be steering the PonyCon ship for a second year with an awesome crew. When he's not working hard for the con, he's sleeping, eating, riding trains or playing with computers. His favourite pony is Fluttershy.

Sparkler - Art and Design Lead and Vice-Chair
(also super secret spy agent)

Sparkler stood in her pony room, admiring her collection. "It's so beautifully shiny," she remarked as she rearranged her colourful pony treasures. Sparkler loves shiny, sparkling objects. When she is on the committee, she makes all things sparkly.

Metaphor - Volunteering Lead
(CCG Duelist)

A Brony since mid 2011 and having joined the committee in 2017, Metaphor is currently responsible for organising volunteer support for all the events at UK PonyCon and ensuring that said volunteers have a fun and enjoyable time.

Guiding Breeze - Treasurer
(Princess of the exchequer)

A fan of My Little Pony since 2012, Guiding Breeze joined the team in 2017 as Treasurer and managed to survive two years and return again this year. As well as looking after all the financial side of things, they also help with stallholder management and venue accessibility.

Elise - Communications Lead

Hi I'm Lisey AKA Elise. I love all things My Little Pony, especially G1. You can find me hunting out Crumpets and Ribbs for my army. I'm looking forward to helping you with all your questions this year.

Midnightdynasty - Events Lead
(Princess Luna is my patronus)

Midnight Dynasty, also known as Bexi, Bex, that one over there is looking forward to leading the events (party) team for a third year and her fourth year on the committee! Usually found somewhere in the convention with a microphone in hand and a smile on her face! Still has the unhealthy addiction to chocolate milk and glitter...

Sarahthrel (Saz) - Events Assistant
(mind of a pony, heart of a duck)

A self confessed and very proud geek, I adore all things technology and all things pony. I’ve always been a my little pony fan from when I was a kid, however I started to collect ponies in 2011. I’m also a mad mighty ducks animated fan and has been since I was 14 and love to both draw and discuss the show. I also love Nordic walking, gaming, theatre and photography.

Vikki - Events Assistant

When not busy looking after super cute hedgehogs, I am busy collecting everything Applejack!

Irish O'Conner - Events Assistant
(If you don't see me with my phone in my hand, that's not me)

With a successful year behind him as a Committee member, Irish O'Conner is coming back for another year. He had so much fun that he can't wait to get started for this year. This time though, he is going to be tackling an "Events Assistant" role. He wants to focus on college this year but also lend-a-hoof into helping with UKPC19, and this role will allow him to do both. He is so nerv-a-cited for his new role but he is going to put the same determination and effort as he did when he was Communications Leader.

Amlaur - Events Assistant
(MLP is life, MLP is love)

Amlaur has enjoyed mlp since she collected them as a child and is an avid collector now with a ponyroom full of all generations of Pony. She joined the fandom when she started watching FiM at the end of 2013. Attended her first UKPC as a stall assistant in 2014, VIP attendee 2015, volunteer 2016 and joined the committee in 2017. She also co-founded UK Bronies and Pegasisters and is still involved with the organisation today.

jezbizzle - Events Assistant

Relatively new to MLP but looking for an opportunity to get involved in the fandom. Hoping to put skills gained being on committees at university to good use!

Bubblestar - Events Assistant

Bubblestar, also known as AJ, is an artist by day and avid pony collected by night. She loves G1 the most (particularly Ice Crystal) but also has a soft spot for FiM. Bubblestar is most looking forward to trialling a tombola at this year's con.

Forum Admins

We also have a number of volunteer admins for the UK PonyCon Forum, who are also long term friends of the convention that help throughout the year.

Archer - UK PonyCon Forum Admin
(No1 Derpy Fan)

Has been part of the convention family since the very first in 2004. She spends far too much of her time on plastic ponies and then making costumes of said plastic ponies. Also, never diss Derpy Hooves in her presence ^_~

Pinkkittywinks - UK PonyCon forum Admin
(UK PonyCon Fairy Godmother )

pinkkittywinks's got Cotton Candy for her fourth birthday in the early 1980's. In 2003 she rediscovered her childhood collection and it reawakened her love of ponies. She became involved with UK PonyCon in 2004 and co-ran UK PonyCon 2005 alongside Silly Sunshine.

Want to help UK PonyCon?

New Committee applications were open around the end of the year, but we are always after help before and during the convention. Please see our Volunteers page for more details.