Basspon3 to perform at the Beach Party!

Published on 18th July 2019 by Midnight Dynasty

We've been out with our fishing lines today and landed another whopper of a musical act!!

He has more rhythm than Sebastian with maracas, so we are pleased to give up the stage for BASSPON3

Back for a second round, BassPon3 is bringing the bass. Though relatively unknown, he is a staple of A State of Sugar's albums with his energetic, pony-influenced sound with tracks such as 'Memories' and 'Celestial Rebirth'. BP3 is also notable for his tracks 'Sleepless in Equestria', 'Chasing Rainbows' and his recent remix of 'Eurodancer' that was featured on T6 Radio

On top of ponies, he is also a massive movie, video game and kaiju geek. This Beach arty is hotting up so much we are breaking out the sunscreen! And we STILL have more to announce so keep those eyes set on the horizon and watch this space.Basspon3 avatar picture

Join us for a completely fintastic evening! The Beach Party is included in all Weekend and Saturday Tickets. Saturday Evening Tickets are also available to purchase. For all your ticket needs visit the ticket page.

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