Community Guest Announcement

Published on 27th April 2019 by Midnight Dynasty

It's always an exciting time when we can announce our first community contributors! We are very very glad to announce that Jolly Old Cinema, FD-Daylight, ClickToTry, and Crystallised Entertainment will be coming back to UK PonyCon for an epic 5th year!

They will be doing a panel on both days of the convention! Here’s how they describe themselves!

2019 Plushie

--Team Description--
Oh Hi There! We're a group of Friends who animate in the genre of comedy... Mostly... We try to be funny, bringing the memes and madness to you all through our Source Filmmaker Work. Composed of JollyOldCinema FD-Daylight, ClickToTry and Crystallised Entertainment, our main purpose is literally just to make you all laugh through comedy SFM videos and maybe teach you a few things at the same time!

You can check them out on their YouTube channels;

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