The Future of UK PonyCon

Published on 5th August 2019 by The UK PonyCon Committee

Let’s start off with the basics (TLDR): The end of Friendship is Magic, and some of the large US based conventions, is not the end for UK PonyCon. As long as there are fans that want to meet up, and community members willing and able to put on the convention, it will, like so many other conventions, continue.

UK PonyCon predates the Friendship is Magic (FiM) and Generation Four (G4) by seven years Of course FiM/G4 has made a significant impact on the fandom and convention, with around half of the attendees identifying as ‘bronies’ or ‘pegasisters’. UK PonyCon is probably uniquely positioned, along with the US fair (, we have a different focus from the G4 focused conventions running program and events which try to cater for all generation fans (That involves some compromises, which probably is a whole other post!) 

However, it would be silly and almost careless of us to pretend that there won’t be a change when FiM comes to an end. As the new generation of the brand, naturally all the new toys and media was focused on it, even if in the past year Hasbro has started pushing “retro” toylines more. Likewise, when Generation Five hits the shops and our screens, we would expect to see a progression of content and toys towards G5, whatever that will be.

Whatever your opinion of the future of the show, toys and fandom, the end of any generation/series is a natural point of change. This is why so many of the USA conventions are finishing now. But everybody can play their part in managing that change: 

There are also things you can ‘not do’ that can help. Criticising or dwelling things that don’t happen, rather than celebrating things (or events) that do is the obvious one. Afterall, the “fandom is dying” has been a statement around since 2012 and yet 2018 was the largest UK PonyCon (and BronyCon 2019 was the largest one ever!!) 

We are looking forwards to UK PonyCon 2019 and whilst we don’t yet have details for the 2020 edition, our thoughts have already started thinking about it. So if you haven’t yet done so, buy your ticket to join us in October!


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