We have some house rules to make sure everyone can enjoy their time at UK PonyCon. Please read them carefully before coming to the event to avoid disappointment.

The vast majority of these policies are the result of planning rather than any specific incident. By publishing them here, we are setting out our expectations of you, and equally what you can expect from us in the unlikely event of an incident.

UK PonyCon reserves the right to eject any attendee from the event if they are in contradiction of these rules, without refund or compensation. In cases of minor infractions and at the discretion of UK PonyCon, attendees may be given a final verbal warning or the opportunity to leave and return to the event having changed their costume and/or disposed of any prohibited item(s). The UK PonyCon chairperson has final opinion in whether an attendee is in compliance with this policy.

We may revise and update these rules at any time prior to the event.

Please note that UK PonyCon is a private event on private properly. Therefore, the venue, the committee and chairs decisions on anu and all matters regarding rules and policies are final (subject to statutory rights), and are part of the terms and conditions of all ticket sales and attendance.

Please email us at if you have any questions about these rules, or speak to a committee member at the event.

General rules

UK PonyCon is an event suitable for all ages and we want to provide a fantastic convention for everyone regardless of age, gender or disability. Please be aware of how your actions, even if well meaning, can ruin the enjoyment of the event for other attendees.

  • Please be respectful during any panel, talk or event and do not deliberately interrupt it unless prompted by the host or in response to a question. Even if you have something useful to add, unwelcome interjections can disrupt the event and impact on the enjoyment for other attendees.
  • Event rooms and spaces should not be used for socialising – there are spaces elsewhere in the venue for relaxing and chatting with friends
  • Please be aware of how your actions may impact on other people around you. For example, shouting in public areas can be very intimidating to young children nearby.
  • Offensive language or imagery is not acceptable at any time.
  • Attendees aged 13 and under must be accompanied by an attendee aged 18 or over at all times.
  • All attendees must be prepared to submit to a bag search on entry and re-entry to the event. Attendees who refuse to submit to a bag search will have their tickets revoked, will not be permitted to enter the event and will not receive a refund.

Cosplay rules

All attendees, stallholders, panellists, carers, volunteers and staff must comply with this policy regarding costumes, weapons and props to ensure the comfort, safety and security of all those attending UK PonyCon.

All attendees should consider whether their proposed costume, weapons and props are appropriate for a family-friendly event with children of all ages in attendance. If you think that any part of your outfit could cause distress to another attendee, please do not bring it to UK PonyCon.

The theme of this year’s event is #spookycon, evoking images of the spooky Nightmare Night festival from season two of My Little Pony’s fourth generation. Cosplays featuring gore, gruesome or excessively scary elements will not be accepted, in accordance with the family-friendly principles of the event.

All unrealistic and toy weapons are strictly forbidden. Shields and staffs are allowed subject to the prohibited items list.

In accordance with good practise, we also wish to make clear costumes depicting the following topics are not welcomed: profanities; sexual acts; inciting hate, discrimination or crime; uniforms, emblems or flags of organisations responsible for crimes against humanity. Metal soled shoes must not be worn to prevent damage to the venue.

Costumes must not be similar in appearance to the uniforms of emergency services.

Body paint is not allowed. Face paint is allowed but care must be taken to not to allow any paint to transfer onto the fabric, fixtures or fittings of the building, furniture, displays, stalls or other attendees. This applies to anything that could rub off from a cosplay, for example unsealed paint, loose glitter or fake blood.

If you notice anyone with a costume, weapon or prop that causes you distress or concern, or feel distressed due to another attendee’s behaviour, please notify a member of UK PonyCon staff immediately.

Prohibited items

The following items are banned:

  • Items exceeding 1.2m in any dimension, except staffs whose maximum height is 1.8m
  • All unrealistic and toy weapons, even for cosplay
  • Actual, deactivated and realistic imitation firearms
  • Airsoft, BB and paintball guns
  • Toy guns
  • Dart-blaster (i.e. Nerf) guns
  • Water guns
  • Ammunition for actual, airsoft, BB, paintball, toy or dart-blaster (i.e. Nerf) guns
  • Gas canisters and aerosols
  • Heavy bats, paddles, clubs or other blunt instruments, including hammers and baseball bats
  • Metal-bladed articles, regardless of sharpness, including pocket knives and multitools with a blade
  • Laser pointers
  • Functional and non-functional bows and crossbows
  • Slings and catapults
  • Items with sharp edges or points
  • Metal soled shoes (e.g. horseshoes)
  • Any other items restricted or prohibited from being carried in public by UK law

Roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, scooters, go carts, ‘hover boards’ and other similar wheeled items are not permitted to be worn or brought into the event space. Wheelchairs and mobility scooters are permitted.

Anyone found to be bringing a prohibited item into UK PonyCon will be asked to leave immediately. At the discretion of the chairperson, they may be permitted to return to the event after having disposed of the prohibited item. Where there is a risk to public safety, UK PonyCon will also report the incident to the police.

UK PonyCon reserves the right to grant exemptions to the prohibited items list for specific items to specific people for specific purposes in exceptional circumstances. It is not acceptable to bring a prohibited item to UK PonyCon with the excuse that you have seen someone else with a prohibited item.

Photography and videography rules

Photos and videos taken at UK PonyCon are for personal non-commercial use only, unless otherwise agreed directly with UK PonyCon. Photography and videography are treated interchangeably in this policy.

We appreciate that some people want to photograph, video or vlog their time at UK PonyCon, and that’s awesome. However, some people want privacy or don’t want to be filmed/photographed for a variety of reasons, and that’s awesome too!

This policy is designed to try to balance the needs of both.

Where people are clearly identifiable and it is practical to do so, you should ask their permission before taking a photo. You must ask permission from stallholders before taking photos of their stalls or items that they are selling.

If an attendee asks to see a photo of them that you have taken, you must show them. If they ask you to delete it, you must delete it. If you are videoing, you should be prepared to re-record or otherwise prepare your footage for editing e.g. by restarting the sentence so you can rework your footage accordingly.

We suggest that events involving children (except cosplay contest) are not photographed without obtaining permission from the responsible adult of any and all children you are photographing.

By appearing on main stage events, like the cosplay parade, you should expect to be recorded or photographed. Please do not take part in this event if you do not wish to be photographed.

Some of our panelists and event organisers do not wish to have their photos taken as it can be unnerving while trying to engage and enthuse a room full of people during an event. They will make it clear at the start of each event if they do not want photos to be taken, and may ask you to cease if they see you doing so. You must not take photos of events if you are asked not to.

UK PonyCon will be photographing and filming the convention, and may also grant this permission to approved press and media. Media created from the convention may be used in promotional materials for this event and future events organised by UK PonyCon, both in print and online.

Press and media should refer to the relevant section below regarding opportunities and rules applicable to them.

Anti harassment policy

UK PonyCon will not tolerate any form of harassment and anybody found to be engaging in harassment may be expelled from the convention without refund at the decision of the organising committee or the venue hosts.

Harassment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Offensive or unwelcome comments about appearance (including cosplay), race, gender, physical or mental impairment, or religion
  • Photographing or recording someone without their permission
  • Intimidation, stalking or following – this includes continuing to talk to any attendee if they have asked you to leave them alone
  • Disruption of talks or other events, especially if asked to stop by the event host or a member of the organising committee
  • Any uninvited physical contact

Participants asked to stop harassing behaviour must comply immediately. If you feel you are being harassed or notice someone else being harassed, please contact a volunteer or committee member immediately who will deal with the issue with the utmost urgency and discretion.

Press and media policy

Members of the press and media (including journalists from both mainstream and community publications) must contact us to tell us of their intention of attending UK PonyCon. We may provide free press passes.

Members of the press and media must obtain explicit permission from UK PonyCon to take photos and videos during the convention, and abide by any press photography rules provided to them.

Approved members of the press and media will be provided with lanyards and badges that must be worn and visible at all times. When approaching attendees, they must introduce themselves and make clear the publication they are working for.

They must obtain explicit informed consent before conducting a recording (hand-written notes, photography, audio and/or video) of an individual. If there is any doubt about whether an individual is able to provide informed consent, then it should be assumed that they do not consent. They must offer to provide details of how to contact the member about the publication or to withdraw consent (for example by providing an email or website address).

We reserve the right to refuse admission to members of the press and media if we believe that it is not in the best interests of UK PonyCon and the community. We may revoke permission during the event, without refund or compensation, if we believe attendees are being caused distress by your actions or presence.

Stallholder policy

All stallholders are bound by our stallholder policy, which can be found on the dedicated stallholder policy page.