Stallholder Policy

This policy applies to all stallholders and their helpers. Applying to be a stallholder indicates acceptance of these terms. This stallholder policy is subject to reasonable revision.

Last updated: 8th April 2018 (Base policy applies to all UK PonyCon events, but will be updated for anything venue specific)

Full details of venue access, parking, stallholder layout, WiFi access and all other matters will be sent to stallholders as the details are finalised before the convention in the final stallholder pack.

General terms and conduct

Stallholders, and any helpers via the helper ticket system, are bound by the following rules and all other rules laid out for attendees e.g. anti-harassment. You must also follow any reasonable instructions from any member of the UK PonyCon Committee or Venue staff at any time.

You may be asked to leave immediately without refund or compensation if you are found to be in serious or persistent contravention of these rules. UK PonyCon or the Venues decision is final at all times.

UK PonyCon does not make any representation on the number of expected visitors to the event, nor make any representations regarding any expected income. Information on ticket sales will be provided in the stallholder pack to assist with stock decisions, but will not be a guarantee.

Refunds and transfers

When applying to become a stallholder at UK PonyCon, you will need to disclose relevant details about you and your stall. Failure to disclose relevant information, deliberately misleading us or if any reason becomes apparent to suggest you will be an unsuitable stallholder, will result in rejection of your application or stall purchase.

Once accepted as a Stallholder and payment of the invoice made, refunds are strictly at UK PonyCon discretion. Transfers of stalls, or the swapping of stall locations in the venue, are strictly forbidden unless agreed in writing by UK PonyCon chair or vice-chair prior to the event.

Selling restrictions

A significant majority (at a minimum 75%) of your stall should comprise of items that are My Little Pony themed or inspired. If you are selling other items, they must be of a type and theme relevant to the interests of our attendees, and suitable for all ages.

You must not sell, offer for sale, distribute or advertise any of the following types of items:

Decisions on if an item is suitable are at the sole discretion of UK PonyCon committee.

What we will provide

Each stallholder ticket comes with the following items:

You may bring additional items for your stall, although you will need to provide details for these in your application for insurance purposes, and provide updates should your plans change. We recommend bringing your own tablecloth to use, as well as something to cover your stall out of hours, although this is not compulsory.

Please note the following:


Registration, access, unloading and loading

Security and liability

You are responsible for the security of your stall and UK PonyCon nor the venue will not be held responsible for any losses, theft or damage occurring to your stall, stock or your personal property at any time during the event or left at the venue overnight. We recommend that you ensure that your stall is attended at all times and pay special attention to securing any cash or valuable items. If you leave your stall unattended please make sure to take your cash with you.

Please note that at UK PonyCon 2019 there is not a separate lockable stalls area but all stalls are in a designated area which will be monitored. Items left unattended at any time are done so at their owner’s risk from theft or damage. We are looking into options for secure storage for stallholders in an adjacent meeting room overnight.

Advertising UK PonyCon

When advertising UK PonyCon through your own channels, please follow these guidelines:

Contacts and sources of further information

Stallholders can contact us by emailing us at

More information will be provided in the stallholder pack later in the year, including the specific arrangements in relating to access, timings and parking.

Please do not contact the venue directly before the event ­ instead contact UK PonyCon who can relay your questions if necessary.

If you have any questions during the event, please ask any member of UK PonyCon staff or at the UK PonyCon information desk. Only in emergency should venue staff be contacted directly.