UK PonyCon is run by a team of volunteers. There’s a huge range of available roles, however for now we’re focusing on finding people for the roles below:

Information relevant to all roles

All applicants must be over 18 years of age at the time of making the application and have no unspent criminal convictions (excluding traffic offences). Applicants must have attended at least one UK PonyCon and prior experience of volunteering at the convention is a bonus.

All roles are volunteer roles and unpaid. Please also refer to our Volunteer Agreement for what we expect of you and what you can expect of us.

Please do not post on social media or forums that you have made an application. All applications will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. The appointments will not be announced publicly until after the application deadline has passed and all formalities have been completed.

Marketing Lead

As Marketing Lead, you will be responsible for marketing UK PonyCon, managing our online presence and responding to enquiries through multiple online channels. This is a rebranding of the previous role of “communications lead” as we are looking for somebody to proactively assist with the ongoing promotion of the convention and community engagement.

You will manage our social media profiles and online presence, particularly our Facebook page, Facebook group, Twitter, YouTube, website and email newsletter. You will work with other members of the team, particularly the Chairperson, Events Lead, Treasurer and Arts Lead, to plan and write content to communicate important news, maintain and grow interest in the event, and reply to queries from the public received through these channels.

You will research advertising opportunities to help more people discover our event. At times this will involve discussion with media outlets on a national and local level, press organisations within the My Little Pony community and events similar to ours worldwide.

You will organise the annual post-event feedback survey(s) and analyse the results. You may be called upon to review results of past surveys to inform decisions for the next event.

You will report to the Chairperson and may have volunteers reporting to you, such as marketing assistants and photographers. You will be involved at all stages of the convention: during the planning, at the convention and afterwards.

Past experience managing social media profiles for organisations or in a public-facing role would be highly advantageous although not mandatory.

This role will require frequent online access to our social media, as well as checking in to the forum and discussion groups to take part in discussions for planning the event.

Events Assistant

As an Events Assistant, you will be a member of the UK PonyCon Events Committee and you will assist the Events Lead in making sure that we have an exciting and packed events timetable which fits the 2020 theme of SpookyCon and caters for all attendees. In the run up to the convention you’ll need to think of new and exciting events for us, supporting the team and organising everything needed for those events including preparing requirements for volunteers and equipment. As part of your role you may be required to organise panels and look after our contributors.

On the weekend itself, you’ll help to supervise events, ensuring that the schedule is executed smoothly. You will have some downtime but it is expected for you to attend your scheduled events, attend the Friday evening set up and the Sunday night take down.

We ask you to be online regularly and participate in our staff Discord server, where we discuss the convention. We hold monthly online meetings for the Events Team, which you’ll be expected to attend. If you can’t attend a meeting, we’ll ask for a written report instead.

You may be needed to assist the Events Lead in replying to emails on the email account.

There are also specialised Events Assistant roles as well as the general Events Assistant, Children’s and Crafts Events Assistant, Karaoke and Games Events Assistant, Contributor Support Events Assistant and Music Events Assistant.

Children’s and Crafts Event Assistant

Your main focus will be on the children’s and craft events, such as Children’s Customs, Kids disco, and any other events focused for children. You will oversee of the children’s events across the weekend and work with volunteers to ensure a fun convention for all our little crusaders. You will also be asked to provide ideas for the weekend and create new events.

Karaoke and Games Events Assistant

You will be responsible for the set up and maintenance of karaoke across the weekend as well as supporting video games and other games such as Rainbow Dash Attacks. You will lead a team of volunteers to ensure smooth-running of these across the weekend. You will also be asked to think of ideas for other games to run across the weekend. You should be relatively confident with technology.

Contributor Support Events Assistant

You will support the Events Lead as they liaise with contributors, supporting mostly across the weekend helping with welcoming contributors on the Friday night pre-registration and making sure they have assistance if needed. You will also be expected to attend events and help out with any queries, and you will oversee any community guest meet and greets. In the run up to the event you will have a lot of discussion with the Events Lead regarding our contributors and how to improve the experience. You may also be needed to support the Events Lead with emails.

Music Events Assistant

 In the run up to UK PonyCon you will help seek musical talent for the weekend, create the playlists for the main stage music and you will be liaising with the Children’s and Crafts Events Assistant to create the playlist for the Kid’s Disco. During the event you will greet the musicians and make sure they have all their requirements and are ready for their performance.

How to apply

Applicants should prepare a short CV and personal statement outlining why they believe they are suited for the role and any relevant skills or experience. This should be sent to volunteer@ukponycon.co.uk, clearly stating the role that your are applying for. An acknowledgement email will be sent within two working days to confirm that we’ve received your application.

Relevant details of the application will be shared with the continuing committee members. In some cases, the committee may request further information from an applicant by email before making a decision on whether to make an offer. Please ensure your email inbox is monitored to allow for prompt replies.