Wall of Thanks

We are very grateful for the support and generosity of so many people and organisations, some of whom are listed here.

General Thanks

We would also like to thank all others who have contributed to this convention, through big or small acts, whether they know it or not, who we have not otherwise acknowledged here.


These individuals have opted to purchase sponsor tickets to UK PonyCon 2021, helping to fund the event.

Names to be published soon.

Volunteers & Committee


The committee volunteer their time throughout the year to plan the event.

Maz (Chair) | Sparkler (Vice-Chair and Art and Design Lead) | Jez (Treasurer) | Metaphor (Stalls and Merchandise Lead and Volunteering Co-Lead) | Midnight Dynasty (Events Lead and Volunteering Co-Lead) | Sarahthrel (Events Assistant) | Vikki (Events Assistant) | Irish O’Conner (Events Assistant) | Amlaur (Events Assistant) | Bubblestar (Events Assistant) | Elise (Events Assistant)

Convention Volunteers

Convention volunteers help before, during and after the event doing all manner of things, from greeting attendees and supporting stallholders to setting up the UK PonyCon merchandise table and providing audio visual expertise.

Names to be published soon.

Artwork and Conbook Contributors

These people have produced art, puzzles or other pieces of work that you’ll see on our website, social media, signage, decorations, merchandise and con book.

Names to be published soon.

Charity Auction & Tombola Donors

These people and organisations have kindly donated items for our charity auction and/or tombola, which helps to raise money for the Riding for the Disabled Association.

Names to be published soon.

Contest Rosette Sponsors

These generous people and organisations have sponsored one or more rosettes for our contests.

Names to be published after rosette sponsorship period closes.