Welcome, fillies and gentlecolts!

Welcome!Thanks to your amazing support, UK PonyCon is now sold out!. Tickets are NOT available on the door.

What's on?

Timetables for Saturday and Sunday

General admittance is from 10am on both Saturday and Sunday, or 9am for VIP ticket holders.

What is PonyCon?

UK PonyCon, formerly known as the International My Little Pony Convention, is an event held in the UK celebrating Hasbro's leading 1980s toy brand, My Little Pony. Established in 2004, we are a charity fundraising event that aims to raise money and awareness each year for our chosen charity, as well as spreading the love and fun of My Little Pony!

Suitable for all the family, kids and collectors alike, PonyCon is a fun day out with events and activities running throughout the day, including collector’s displays, sales stalls, quizzes and competitions, as well as expert advice in the form of panels and workshops. Whether you're young, or just plain young at heart, you'll find plenty to do and see at PonyCon!

Why PonyCon?

PonyCon is a multi-generation convention, which celebrates all incarnations of My Little Pony since they were first released in 1982 right through to the Friendship is Magic Series. Whether you collect the pony toys or just love the cartoons, there is surely to be something for everyone! We are a family friendly event where everyone who loves My Little Pony is welcome.

Who attends PonyCon?

We welcome pony fans and collectors of all ages and from all over the world.

What can I do at PonyCon?

The convention has a wide variety of events for collectors and pony fans of all ages. Past events include: talent shows featuring community musicians, screenings of documentaries such as My Little Obsession and Bronies:The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony, and your favourite episodes of FIM and My Little Pony Tales, Q&A panels with various community customisers, the PonyCon pub quiz, disco and pony karaoke!

There are plenty of games and competitions like destroy the fakie, custom pony, art and craft competitions, cupcake decorating, pinch the parcel, build a pony, cosplay parade and much more. Remember to save some pony pennies for our Grand Charity Auction, where you can buy cool stuff and support a worthy cause.

What can I buy at PonyCon?

There will be lots of vendor stalls at PonyCon, where you can buy a whole host of different pony items, from new and vintage ponies figures to customs ponies, art work and other hand crafted items, all of them pony themed!

Can I cosplay?

Cosplay is allowed, and encouraged! Please remember this is a family friendly event and costumes must abide by public decency laws and the possession of imitation weapons is prohibited.