Each year we run a number of contests for attendees to enter. Many of these require attendees to prepare their entry before the event and bring it with them to be entered and judged at UK PonyCon.

Further information about the contests for UK PonyCon 2021 will be published in the new year.

Sponsor a competition

Each prize winner is awarded a rosette and certificate in recognition of their achievement. Your sponsorship help makes that possible. Your chosen name will be printed on the tail of the accompanying certificate.

Every year we invite members of the community to sponsor prize rosettes for the competitions. Your chosen name will be included on the tail of the rosette and the accompanying certificate.

Keep a close eye on our social media, as we’ll announce when we are accepting rosette sponsorships.

Competition categories

Information about the categories of competitions for UK PonyCon 2020 will be posted soon.

Information for competition participants

All contests are meant to be fun and are not professional competitions. UK PonyCon’s decision on the judging, including the appointment of judges, the choice of criteria and the number of prizes awarded for each category, is final.

Where there is a choice between children’s and adult’s classes for a competition, children are allowed to choose which class they wish to be considered for. However, if a child enters multiple competitions, all entries must be in the same class. For example, if they enter the cosplay competition as a child and also the artwork competition, the artwork must be judged in the children’s class.

Please also note that all entries are left with UK PonyCon at the owner’s risk. We aim to return the entries should you wish to have them however UK PonyCon take no responsibly for any items left for competitions. Additionally, any entries not picked up at the end of the convention may be disposed of, or if kept will only be returned to owner upon payment of postage costs.