Tickets for UK PonyCon 2019

Ticket Tiers

Standard Tickets Upgrades
Perk Weekend Sold out Saturday Sold out Sunday Sold out Saturday Evening (Note 1) Sold out Supporter (Note 2) Sold out VIP (Note 2) Sold out
Price Prices as below
£8 per person £10 per person or
£20 for a family ticket
£60 per person Sold out
Saturday Entry
Saturday Evening Entry
Sunday Entry
Conbook & Badge
£5 donation to the RDA
Name in conbook and website
Supporter Button Badge
VIP Button Badge
Tote Bag containing VIP Lanyard and T-shirt
Early entry on Saturday & priority entry Sunday (Note 3)
VIP Priority seating at main stage events
2019 Convention Seapony Plush (Note 4)
  1. Allows access to the evening entertainment from about 6pm.
  2. Must be purchased with a Standard Ticket
  3. Early entry is for one adult and one child (Standard ticket required for each)
  4. Plush will also be available for purchase separately at the convention

Ticket Prices

Standard prices, excluding either of the upgrades, are shown below:

Type Full Weekend Sold out Saturday Only Sold out Sunday Only Sold out
Aged 4 or under
Free with an adult or family ticket
Aged 5 to 13 inclusive
See note 1
£16 Sold out £11 Sold out £11 Sold out
Aged 14 and up
£37 Sold out £25 Sold out £20 Sold out

See note 2

£74 Sold out £50 Sold out £40 Sold out
  1. Must be accompanied by someone aged 18 or over with an adult or family ticket
  2. Can be either 1 adult and 3 or 4 children or 2 adults and 1 or 2 children

Important: Tickets are non-transferable. Proof of ID, such as a passport, photocard driving licence or a credit or debit card will be required to collect the tickets. Attendees aged 13 and under will need to be accompanied by an attendee aged 18 or over with an adult ticket or as part of a family ticket. For more details, please see our FAQs.

What is the VIP upgrade? Sold out

VIP upgrade is an add-on to your standard ticket that includes special extra perks to make your visit even more memorable. There is a limit on the quantity, and every VIP gets these extras:

You need to buy a day, weekend or stallholder ticket in addition to the VIP upgrade to gain admission to the event. Early entry is valid for one adult and one child per VIP ticket but only one set of other VIP perks (eg goodie bags, priority seating etc) are valid per VIP ticket.

In 2017 VIP sold out in 6 hour and in 2018 VIP tickets sold out in 26 minutes so are likely to be in high demand. Update - 2019 VIP tickets sold out in under 20 minutes.

Attendees without a VIP ticket will be able to buy merchandise at the convention, but any VIP exclusive items will not be for sale.

What is a Supporter ticket? Sold out

Supporter tickets are your way of supporting UK PonyCon and our chosen charity, the Riding for the Disabled Association.

Five pounds from the sale of each ticket (£10 for family tickets) goes directly to the RDA. The rest of the money goes towards UK PonyCon, to help us make the event even more fun and exciting. To say thank you, we'll be giving you a button badge with an exclusive design (four or five badges for family tickets). We'll also print your name in the con book if you'd like it printed and on the website.

Why are Saturday and Sunday tickets priced differently?

Saturday is the longer day of the convention with a program of evening events, whilst the convention closes at 6pm on Sunday. We aim to put out a full program of content on both days, but Saturday being the longer day we felt it more appropriate to charge a little more for the Adult saturday tickets whilst reducing the Sunday ticket prices by the same amount.

Child prices are the same both days.

What about Early Bird prices?

Since 2017 UK PonyCon has decided to not do early bird prices or any offers, with all tickets sold at the same price.

More than half of our ticket sales in 2017 were during the "early bird" phase, which puts pressure on the con finances. Whilst the alternative would be to have a limited number of Early Bird tickets, we also believe it is unfair to charge different people different prices for the same event. This is especially the case as with the amount of tickets sold in the first day of sales in 2019, 2018 and 2017, early bird prices would be unlikely to last more than a day, most likely a couple of hours.

Will tickets be available on the door? When will you sell out?

Tickets will NOT be available on the door. Since UK PonyCon 2015 the event has sold out before the convention, with the date we reach our capacity growing earlier. In 2017 we obtained more capacity so were able to reopen ticket sales for a while, but our capacity for 2018 was fixed at Saturday tickets sold out in July, Sunday sold out at the end of August. No tickets will be available on the door - please do not turn up without a ticket.

Other ticket types

Personal assistant tickets

We want everyone to be able to enjoy UK PonyCon, and we know that some of our attendees need a bit of extra help to do that. That's why we offer free tickets for personal assistants and carers.

Visit the access statement page to find out how to get one.

Stallholder tickets

UK PonyCon would be nothing without the amazing stallholders and their stalls. We are no longer accepting stall applications for 2019.

Stallholder information can be found on the stalls page.

Press passes

We are currently not accepting applications for UK PonyCon 2019.

Please read our press and media policy and our photography policy for more details.

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