12th and 13th October 2019
Nottingham Conference Centre


UK PonyCon is an event run by fans, for fans, purely on a voluntary basis. We have lots of different roles available and can find something to fit your preferences and desired time commitment.

Why volunteer?

As a volunteer, you'll become part of the UK PonyCon team, getting to know people who share a passion for our favourite little ponies and enabling others to do the same.

Regardless of the tasks that you undertake while at the convention, you'll get first-hand experience of working at an event, interact with attendees and help to keep UK PonyCon the wonderful event that we all know and love, while also contributing to fundraising for the Riding for the Disabled Association.

You can volunteer for as much or as little of the event as you like and we can fit your shifts around any events or activities that you want to take part in. We're grateful for any of your time that you contribute and we know that asking people to volunteer is a big ask, so we'll also get you registered on Friday evening so you can walk straight in on Saturday morning when doors open without having to wait to pick up your tickets. You'll also be invited to use the committee room, where we'll have a selection of refreshments and somewhere quiet for you to take a break away from all the hubbub.

How do volunteers help?

There's a huge number of different ways to help at UK PonyCon. Here's the most popular ways to help, and they don't even need any prior experience:

We really appreciate any time that you can contribute during the setup period on Friday evening or our takedown period on Sunday evening, to help us get in and out as quickly as possible.

If you have another talent that you think could help us, don't be shy - tell us!

What else do I need to know?

Volunteers should usually be aged 18 or over at the time of the event. Applications from individuals aged under 18 may be considered when submitted with the support of their parent or guardian.

No experience is required and many roles do not require any previous skills or knowledge, however we have to put on a safe and a enjoyable event. Accordingly, whilst we accept most applications, we will only accept volunteers who we feel confident have the commitment to carry out their requested volunteering successfully.

Volunteers are involved on the weekend of the convention itself, but the convention as a whole is organised by the committee, a group of volunteers who work year-round to bring everything together for the annual event. Applications to join the committee are typically invited in the final months of the year. Volunteering at UK PonyCon is a great way to get experience, before diving in and applying to join the committee.

To be compliant with all applicable laws, UK PonyCon like any other volunteer organisation is not permitted to reward volunteers in any way for their services. We may provide volunteers or other people in the fandom or community, promotional items, such as T-shirts or badges, to help advertise the convention throughout the year.

Whilst words for volunteering or committee applications may be common terminology when referring to usual paid employment, for the avoidance of doubt all volunteering and committee roles are unpaid.

There is a volunteer agreement which sets out the responsibilities on either side of our relationship with people who volunteer. It is not legally binding, but gives an outline of our expectations of you, and what you can expect while volunteering with us.

How do I apply?

Applications to volunteer at UK PonyCon 2019 have not opened yet. Please follow us on social media to find out when applications open - you can find the links to all of these on the contact us page.

We are currently considering the roles that we need to fill for UK PonyCon 2019, and will update this website with more information about the available roles, how to apply and the updated volunteer agreement when we are ready to accept applications.